Splinterlands - Near $60 Million in Market Cap! (Weekly Post)

mawit07 71.7 2 months ago


In late 2019 I was struggling in my crypto earning on Steemit. My blogs were barely getting any upvotes let alone readers. Then after learning back than most of the transactions on Steemit went through Splinterlands I decided to check it out. I was hooked instantly. Every week I blog as much as I could in anything and everything related to Splinterlands and got almost daily upvotes from the official @steemmonsters account. From all those Steem/SBD I earned traded them for Splinterlands cards.

Addiction to Alpha Rare Summoners


Even though I was earning upvotes the liquid Steem/SBD I had back then was few and far between. Yet I manage to be patient and through most of 2019 and 2020 I was picking out what at the time I could afford for alpha summoners. I did not have a big lump sum to buy off higher level summoners so I proceeded to go for anything lower than 8 bcx and when prices were between $1 - $2 I would swoop in for the purchase.

Back then the game was not as popular yet and so many of the cards that were on the market stayed there for some time. For those low price and low bcx cards it was snatched up quickly. I was fortunately enough during that time to collect what I could. As it currently stands my alpha summoners in total are worth almost $2.5k.


It goes to show what patience and slow saving can do for accumulating Splinterlands cards. I do believe today it will take more time and assets in order to obtain the same kind of cards I have in my collection, but there are other Splinterland cards that are still undervalue that people just have to look for and steadily collect.

Market Cap Crossing $60 million!!!

As of writing this post the overall market cap is less than a $1million from $60 million. The price of Splinterlands assets basically went through the roof. In turn this has made my collection appreciate to over $20k in total.


Splinterlands has been the only crypto investment I have made that has earned me more than 10x my returns. I basically started out blogging and then blogging about Splinterlands, then in turn invested into game cards and grew from there.

Advice for Newcomers

Seek Help on Social Media Platforms

For those like me who do not have much to start with make sure to check out Splinterlands' official social media accounts.


All of them have at times opportunities for players to earn and win Splinterlands assets free of charge. Furthermore for those who really are in need of help to get started earning assets for free there is the Discord channel that have many veterans who are willing and able to help new comers. Back in 2019 when I was building up my collection I found some players willing to lend me cards for free to play and in return we split the earn rewards 50/50.

Blog on Hive Blockchain


Hive blog played a huge part in growing my collection. The great thing about Hive blockchain is that the whole premise of having it originated from being a social media platform. Where users blog posts and earn cryptocurrency through upvotes. The cryptocurrency is Hive and HBD and users gets upvotes from the official @splinterlands when they post contents related to Splinterlands. The authors of the post can earn up to two upvotes a week and must place a link of their post in the @splinterlands blog post to receive upvotes.

Splinterlands Arbitrage

I am not a big Splinterlands trader. Most of the time when I earn or buy an asset I usually keep it for sometime unless I see the asset price appreciate more than double. With the current boom some of the assets that I have seen three to six months ago have already more than double. Whether its plot lands, DEC token, card packs, or the individual cards themselves one can trade their way up into more Splinterlands assets with the current volatility in price.

Take for example an Untamed pack on Hive Engine currently costs $10.30 while on Wax it can be sold for a wooping +$24.



Plot lands also have a price spread with HE being close to $150 while Wax has it around $225. However to play the price arbitrage one must have already accumulated the asset. ;)

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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