Attracting Positive People Into Your Life

serving 36.9 6 days ago


We're always transmitting positive or negative energy. Others pick up on this and respond likewise.

When you attract positive people, together you can experience a significant life of success and service.

Positive people will encourage and inspire you. Negative people will tell you that you can't achieve your goals -- that they are too difficult or unreachable.

If you're continually bombarded with negative thoughts such as "I just can't make ends meet," "There's never enough," "I just can't seem to get ahead," or "My relationships are unfulfilling,"

Ask yourself, "Have I surrounded myself with negative friends and family?
If so, it's time to make a change and break this cycle of negativity: Start associating with people who are positive.

But, how do you do this?

Think of positive people you admire and identify their traits you especially respect.

Here are some ways to attract positive people and create more positive energy in your life:

  1. Look for positive qualities in other people. It's often easy to see someone's faults. Challenge yourself to look for a person's good qualities

  2. Be aware of your own finest qualities and project these qualities to the world. This contributes to your self-awareness and increases your self-esteem.

  3. Exercise compassion toward everyone, including yourself. Positive energy allows us to realize when we're doing the best we can.

  4. Value others' opinions. Listen to all points of view and do your best to understand them, regardless of how different from your own they may be.

  5. Be honest. Express your true self in loving thoughts, words, and actions.

  6. Acknowledge when negative thoughts arise. It happens. But do not dwell on them.

  7. Celebrate the success and happiness of others. Positive people are thrilled when others succeed.

  8. Find ways to serve others - without expecting anything in return or them even knowing about it. Note: this is not trying to please everyone

  9. Persevere in spite of fear or defeat. Use setbacks as opportunities to learn something new and prepare for your next challenge.

  10. Follow your dreams and desires. Embrace your journey every step of the way to your goals.

People with positive energy approach the world with an open heart and a sense of hope. They resist cynicism and bitterness. They see the best in the world around them and celebrate the success of others while diligently pursuing their own goals.

The secret to attracting positive people into your life tomorrow? Be a positive person today.