A bad day can never derail our hopes and strong intentions. Dtube cryptotalk

certain 76.9 9 months ago (Edited)

Hi beautiful world! Hope life has been going good for you.. In this video I am going to talk about the news that is floating on various news channel taking prohibited of private cryptocurrencies especially in India. We have come across this type of news many times before. Some people associated with TV news are talking about all private crypto prohibit in such a way that they are experts in crypto. Right now this bill has only been prepared, this bill will be placed in the Parliament, the parties and opposition will argue on it, after that they will go to a decision. So from now on there is no need to worry about this. A bad day cannot derail our hopes and strong intentions. Although this news is discouraging, yet the world rests on hope. Have a nice day.. Regards

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