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I just KNOW I’m going to forget to move my weed from one of my shop drawers before my parents come to town on Thursday and my Ma’s gonna find it. I’ll then be forced to convince her it’s medicinal not recreational or something like that and we should all try it together lol 😂 But then,

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  1. There is nowhere we ever agreed that everything I post here has to be music to your ears. I am not even remotely infallible. It would be more disturbing if you agree with everything I stand for or subscribe to. Let’s agree and disagree with civility and decorum. Munene?

  2. Don't take to heart ❤️ some of these posts cause they might sweep you off your feet and lift you up to the highs unnoticeably. I just post my opinions which aren’t superior to anyone’s. I am not a whale an influencer a public figure or a celeb. So what I say is just a normal thing. Are we sailing on the same boat?

  3. I have been seeing hive bigwigs telling the smallwigs that:

    "I am actually doing you a favor by engaging you on this platform"

  • anonymous

The red fish and minnows are suffering. If I were a #hive bigwig a.k.a "a whale"... I would raise all the minnows to the real depths.

Unity is Power.


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