Rising Star Diary #15

skyple 54.4 6 days ago (Edited)
Rising Star Game

Hello friends and welcome to my fifteenth day in Rising Star!!


Stats: (+ 25 fans)

My routine started, ending the performance of Saturday Headline (649 starbits and 127XP) that I had began yesterday. Afterwards, I continued doing other activities waiting for the bar to recharge and I could perform another great mission before sleeping. However sleep came and only 90% of the bar had recharged, causing me to perform a Saturday Suppport (285 starbits and 126XP), which gave me 134 drunk fans. When I woke up today, for the first time in a while, my bar hadn't been fully recharged, so I had to wait some time to be able to perform another Saturday Headline (431 starbits and 127XP). With the conclusion of the mission I was analyzing what would be the next one to be performed and that's when I realized that the 2nd country of the festival had been released: Ireland... I don't know how I forgot the date. I was completely happy to read the notice, I don't know why, but this festival really caught my attention and I really want to participate. I had to wait a few hours (with anxiety at the top, waiting for the necessary energy) to be able to perform and in the end I won this beautiful wristband:


This is my level at the time I write this post: (+380, but I got +439) lvl.png

This is the amount of starbits at the time I write this post: (+1365, but I got +1370) star.png

This is my Ego at the time I write this post: (-3%) ego.png

I hope that it's not just me who is having a lot of fun being part of the festival and I invite you who are not yet part of it to try to participate, and also feel the same joy that I feel. I can't wait next week to be able to travel to Netherlands!!!! Thank you for reading and GG!!! 😀😀