Kit build session 1

mytechtrail 62.8 6 days ago

Here are the pictures of my first building session on the 6-position-dc-power-distribution-kit:

Here is the kit laid out showing all of the part ready for assembly: 6posdist-step1.jpg

This picture I am have cut up the wire into 14 pieces to solder into the Anderson Power Pole tabs. It also shows the printed circuit board bottom with the fuse holders inserted waiting to be soldered into the board:


In this picture I have finished soldering the wire pieces into the tabs ready for insertion into the connectors. The fuse holders have been soldered into the board as well:


This picture is the tabs inserted into the Anderson Power Pole connectors ready to be soldered int the printed circuit board: 6posdist-step4.jpg

Enough for my first build session, more tomorrow.

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